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Raw Food Dairy-Free Gluten-Free Chocolate Coconut Fudge (and Yes, It Still Tastes AMAZING!)

A few weeks ago I bought a raw food bar from my local organic shop, and it was Yum (with a capital Y). Being a chronic ingredient checker I of course perused the ingredients, and thought ‘hey – I could make something like this (and not pay $4.50 per incy wincy bar, too!)’

The Plain Truth About Weight Loss and Plateaus

No more listening to so called fitness “Gurus” who trying to sell you products that just don’t work. Here is the REAL truth on weight loss and how to succeed at it.

Effective Self-Talk: The Path To Fitness Success

The most important thing about self-talk is that you create it. Self-talk, your silent inner voice, leads you to your physical choices. If your self-talk isn’t helping you, then change it. The power is with you.

Gluten: To Eat or Not to Eat?

This recent focus in the news has left many wondering if gluten should be reduced in the diet, kept in the diet or completely eliminated all together. But that can be difficult, gluten is everywhere from bread to pastries to pasta to pizza crust to beer and certain spirits, to processed foods like breaded meats or fish, energy bars and salad dressings. Gluten can be difficult to avoid! But it isn’t impossible, yet the question remains, should gluten be avoided?

Lemon – The Wonder Fruit

The lemon fruit is packed with a lot of vitamins and mineral making it a fruit of great medicinal importance. Lemon is acidic in taste but alkaline forming in the body. This makes it great for balancing the high acidic environment of the body.

No More Excuses: Eat Your Greens!

Romaine, collards, and parsley- Oh my! Those dark leafy greens are the foods most commonly missing from our diets. Learning to incorporate them into our daily menu is absolutely essential to keeping our bodies healthy and our immune systems strong.

Dieting Terminology You Should Know

In the health and wellness industry it seems like the science behind the product is no where near as important as the sales pitch that they use in order to get you to purchase the product, and this happens for just about everything out there from different types of foods to workouts, and even to different diet plans. With all of that different terminology out there which of it should you be familiar with? The first term that you will see on a lot of products is all natural.

How To Improve Your Health Through Better Nutrition

All of us are concerned with our health and wellness. Usually, we consider it as an asset more than any material things that we have. In order for us to achieve good health, we do exercises and eat the right kinds of foods.

Fad Diets: One Step Forward, Three Steps Back

I meet many people, on a daily basis, who tell me about what they are doing to try to lose their extra weight. All too often, they are following fad diets that will eventually destroy their body’s natural ability to metabolize food.

Vitamin Supplements: A Must After Forties

Vitamins are the essential nutrients that help you run this machine called the human body. They help in the healthy functioning of the body and keep us away from diseases by strengthening our immune system.

Serving Size Fake-Out

We all want to keep within the proper serving size. But our serving size is not the manufacturers serving size and it’s confusing people. Learn more about how and why they do this and how you can overcome it.

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