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What Do I Eat? Why Your Colon Health Determines Your Total Health

What do I eat, for good colon health? What is colon health? How this will help you keep belly fat off.

Importance of Testing the Authenticity of Organic Foods

The growing popularity of organic foods has created greater demand for organic produce and meats – people are slowly yet surely recognizing the long-term benefits of consuming food that is produced or grown without the use of any artificial additions. While various companies and local producers alike are racing to meet the growing appetite for organic foods, there is a pertinent question that looms over our heads – Is the food we are purchasing really organic? It is not uncommon for manufacturers to use unfair practices and get away with loopholes in food labelling norms.

Personalized Nutrition: There Is No One “Right” Diet for Everyone

It seems everyone has an opinion on nutrition these days. It’s not even so much of an opinion anymore but a sort of dogma. “Thou shalt eat this way or risk one’s health irreparably.” You read it all over the internet and magazines every day. There is always someone spouting the “real” healthy diet we should all be eating. For the average person, these diet wars are frustrating and confusing. To make matters worse, some of these seemingly healthy diets can be downright harmful, especially if someone is already at high risk for chronic disease.

New Dietary Guidelines Aid in Making Wise Choices

This time of year the buzz is about what’s trending in the food world. I try to share with my clients how the trends around wholesome food choices can aid them in making the best choices for a healthy lifestyle. The recommended dietary guidelines issued every five years reflect some topical food trends along with recommendations for healthy eating.

Is Beef Really Hormone-Free?

Is beef hormone-free? Is there any side effects from hormone injected beef? We will explore these thoughts in more detail.

Why Peanut Butter Is Good For You

While it is no secret that peanut butter is a popular ingredient, you may not be aware of just how many health benefits this amazing product has to offer. Beyond being tasty, you can feel good about your choice to consume peanut butter thanks to everything it has to offer your body.

8 Health Benefits of Coconut Water You Didn’t Know Yet

Refreshing, healthy, and nutritious! That’s coconut water – the ultimate thirst quencher. Here are 8 health benefits you can get from coconut water.

Beware The Health Problems Of Processed Foods

If you want to keep to a healthy weight and lifestyle, it’s important to keep yourself informed about the health risks of processed foods and restrict the amount that you eat. Processed foods are those that come in a box, can, bag or carton and often modified to extend shelf life leading to little or nutritional value. They are usually high in calories and have a tiny proportion of the nutritional value of natural, unprocessed foods.

Is Whey Protein Right For You?

This article is sharing the benefits of whey protein for your body, and the ways it will improve your overall health. Whey protein has been proven to help prevent diseases as well as improve stamina, help recover faster after workouts and boost metabolism. See how whey protein can also help in weight loss.

Inflammatory Foods You Should Avoid Like The Plague

Inflammation leads to chronic illnesses such as cancer, diabetes and obesity. But did you know inflammation caused by poor eating habits are “silent” and don’t necessarily cause pain? It is very likely that you’ve been eating pro-inflammatory foods all your life. Read on the most common foods that cause inflammation and how to lower them naturally.

Brown Rice Topped With Chicken and Broccoli

Broccoli has to be one of the least loved vegetables. When I was younger, my mom had a pretty difficult time feeding me broccoli until I reached my 20’s and realized the many benefits associated with it when I started lifting weights.

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