How A Doctor Shops For Groceries

An Overview of the Mediterranean Diet

To start with, the Mediterranean diet is not a diet per say but more of a way of life of the people of the Mediterranean basin. It is more of a term for the abridgement of the several traditional foods and eating patterns of the 16 countries that border the Mediterranean basin, most notably Italy, Greece, Portugal, and Spain. These countries appear to share common dominating dietary traits despite certain degrees of differences in their religions, cultures, educational levels, and economic prosperity.

Metabolic Diet Recipes

More and more people these days are looking for ways to effectively lose excess weight as well as avoid the health risks that are associated with obesity. Looking into metabolic diet recipes is one way for you to effectively lose weight and stay healthy and maintain your ideal weight. If that is the case, then what makes these kinds of recipes different from other weight loss or fat burning diets?

Eat Fat And Never Gain Weight

The argument for fat must be made. Despite the past faux pas that “fat makes you fat,” fat is a necessary and nutrient carrying part of eating a balanced and healthy diet. There are a number of reasons for this despite what the manufacturers of “fat free,” products might say.

University Tips – Eat Your Way to Success

Many teenagers leave home at 18 years old without any thought of the nutritional value of food. They have limited funds and tend to buy th easiest, cheapest and quickest food to cook and eat without contemplating the damage it is doing to their bodies and their studies and their whole enjoyment of university life. It is only when things start to go wrong that they are advised to change by either a doctor, teacher or a parent.

The 5 Best Vitamins for Memory!

Learn about the 5 best vitamins for enhancing our memory and protecting against cognitive decline as we age! These powerful vitamins can be found in every day natural foods, and are great for our brains and bodies.

Eat Right, And Feel The Best You Have Ever Felt

A lot of people today are more conscience of trying to practice healthy nutritious diets. The thing is a lot of people are also finding it difficult to know what to do to be healthy. If you feel like you need to learn new information about practicing proper nutrition diets then look no further, this article serves as a good place to get tips to help you help yourself.

Find Out Why The Camu Camu Berry Can Boost Your Energy And Health

If you have never heard of the Camu Camu Berry (Myrciaria dubia) you’re probably not alone. The truth is it is being discovered all over the world for its profound health benefits. This little cherry size berry is a true super food. Deep in the Amazon Rainforest there are these trees that grow under the Amazon flood waters for four months of the year. The trees absorb the bio mass of the most nutrient rich flood waters in the world. This nutrient profusion is in the fruit of these trees. That fruit is the Camu Camu Berry. The indigenous people of the Rainforests of Peru and Brazil have been eating these little berries for centuries. The fruit get harvested from canoes and boats then dried or made into concentrated liquid. Different parts of the berry can be used and consumed in different ways.

Unusual Grains to Include in Your Healthy Meal Plan

Do you want to learn the nutritional benefits of some unusual grains that you could include in your healthy meal plan or diet? If so, read on to learn about Quinoa, Amaranth and Teff.

My Daddy’s Heart

February is American Heart Month so it is a fitting month to tell my Daddy’s heart story. In 2 weeks he was able to walk 2 miles a day. His doctor told him to keep doing what he was doing and maybe they would consider a valve replacement surgery at a later date if necessary.

5 Great Alkaline Vegetables To Add To Your Diet

Alkaline vegetables are an essential part of keeping the acid alkaline balance of our body. In fact, they are the most important part. When following the alkaline diet, vegetables are the most alkalizing food you will eat.

Pregnancy and Your Diet – Five Easy Cooking Tips

Putting more care and planning into your food plans is the first step in achieving good nutrition. We know it’s difficult to resist the urge of using excessive salt or fat in preparing your meals when you’ve already become accustomed to it. Here are some guidelines to help you overcome bad cooking habits and start working on a healthier pregnancy and diet.

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