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What Is Your Food Costing You?

If we are to maintain a certain weight, we have to stay within our caloric allotment each day. Weight is dependent upon age, height and activity level. In addition, men and women have different calorie requirements. A man and woman with the same age, height and actity level will not have the same calorie requirements. Regardless of sex, we need to find another way of looking at how we “spend” calories if we want to lose, maintain or gain weight.

What Is Your Food Label Telling You?

If you go in the supermarket and pick up a box of crackers, a tin of sardines or a loaf of bread you will see a white label on it. This label holds a valuable key. It can help you with weight loss, it can help identify necessary or unnecesary nutrients, and it can help you identify which items are present in foods that may cause you to have allergic reactions. A more in depth examination of this label follows.

How to Help Your Kids Eat More Mushrooms

Mushrooms are a healthy superfood! Here are ideas for helping you and your family include them deliciously in your diet.

Mineral Absorption and Mineral Chelates

Natural Minerals and Trace Minerals are all found on the elemental chart as well as in the earth in their natural pure form. They are also mixed with other elements to form, for instance, copper oxide. In their natural state, these minerals are all known as “inorganic elements.” In biological terms, minerals are considered inorganic, which means, not biological in origin. Compounds of biological origin are referred to as organic. This is important to know before we move on to a special organic compound called a chelate.

5 Tips for Creating Your Own Healthy Recipes

Most people think that all recipes come from Michelin star chefs or are handed down from some distant ancestor. These 5 tips will give you the confidence to begin creating your own healthy recipes!

Eating Dirt?

One of the most important ways to stay healthy is to wash our hands. Just think of all the germs that live on door knobs, school desks, pens, pencils, store counters, etc. Germs are all around us. There are certain times when washing hands is a necessity.

Spa Day for Tomatoes

After giving tomatoes away to friends for weeks, I was still facing an accumulation of fruit that needed to be used immediately. I concluded that my tomatoes needed a day at the spa.

You’re Going to Drink WHAT?

I’m going to drink my veggies. Beets, Aloe, and Lemons, oh my! And I’ll tell you why.

Healthy Body Healthy Mind Tips

Before you embark on a journey to a fitter, healthier you, you must first prepare mentally. Here are some tips to help you on your way to your fitness goals. Healthy Mind, Healthy Body.

Zucchini: The Latest Super Food

Packed with fiber, the zucchini is one healthy veggie. Too, it has a barely-there calorie count, so you can eat as much as you want.

Foods That Ruin Your Diet

I’m out a lot. I’m just a busy guy. I see people trying to eat healthy and they seemingly have no idea what they’re doing. Here are some suggestions based on my observations.

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