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Scheduling Your Diet

With the wide array of products on the market these days there is likely one huge reason why you have been unable to lose weight, and it might not have anything to do with what you are eating. One large factor in dieting success is maintaining a schedule. That does not mean that you have wake up at five in the morning to have breakfast, then have a snack at eight, then lunch at noon, snack at three, dinner at six, and then maybe a snack before bed.

Fight Hunger With Healthy Snacks

Do you want to lose weight but cannot stop snacking? Don’t change your habits! Just upgrade your snacks.

Healthy Food Tips: How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

Many people want to eat healthy, but believe that it’s just too expensive. More than two thirds of Americans are overweight or obese. When you are on a tight budget, the thought of preparing healthy meals each day can seem daunting. The good news is that eating a balanced diet doesn’t mean that you always need to buy expensive foods.

Using Food Labels When Dieting

Few people take the time to read food labels. For those that do, how much information are they really getting?

5 Health Benefits of Dandelion Tea

What most of the west sees as nothing more than an annoying weed, much of the world reveres as a nutrient-rich food and medicinal herb. Dandelion is so much more than just a weed! Check out this article to learn about five health benefits of dandelion tea.

Which Are the Best Protein Bars?

Which protein bars are the best on the market? What do you need to look out for when choosing your ‘healthy’ snack?

Corn and Health

Most people are surprised to find out the corn is actually a grain, not a vegetable. Even though we find in the produce section, the nutritional profile of corn is closer to that of wheat and barley.

How to Make the Best Nutritious Meals

With the dramatic increase in chronic and life-threatening conditions, the topic of healthy eating is becoming more prevalent. I survived breast cancer three years ago, and have changed my eating habits and lifestyle. Here’s some of what I learnt along the way.

5 Good Reasons to Consult a Food Nutrition Expert

The services of a food nutrition expert can come in good use in a variety of situations. Most people do not have sufficient knowledge about the food they should be eating. The fact is that food has a very important role to play in keeping us healthy and active. In addition, all the nutrition our body requires should ideally come from food and not from any other source.

A Pandemic of a Holistic Kind

Earth changes of a loving kind begin with the types of foods we eat. Want to infect the world with love and light? Then it’s time to consume it.

Why You Don’t Need Supplements To Get Fit

There are a variety of supplements that are claimed to help improve your fitness. In most cases those supplement do very little. You should focus on your nutrition before adding any supplements.

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