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Simple and Healthy Pancake Recipes

Here are two simple pancake recipes that wont ruin your diet. These whole wheat and apple pancakes are light and low calorie.

Healthy Eating For A Healthy Life – Breakfast Decisions

Healthy eating begins with you, and if tackled appropriately you can turn your breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals into healthier choices which will definitely help control weight. This article will look at the breakfast options which can set the tone for the rest of your day. As the popular saying goes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

How To Add Juicing To Your Daily Routine

Do you want to add some healthy new habits to your daily routine? Have you considered adding juicing, but haven’t figured out the best way to do it? Adding juicing to your daily regimen may seem more difficult than it really is.

Proper Food Habits for a Healthy Life

Maintaining proper eating habits is crucial to long term good health. In this article I will discuss some easy things you can do to stay on track and eat a healthier diet.

Healthy Snacking

Most of us have cravings between meals throughout the day and turn to easily accessible snacks such as potato chips, candy, chocolate, or a can of soda. However, these foods are high in sugar, fat and sodium, which can have an adverse effect on our bodies.

Health Benefits Of Capsaicin

Like spicy foods then you’ll love this new report on the health benefits of capsaicin. The same compound that gives cayennes, jalapenos, habaneros and other chili peppers their full, zesty flavor may also be supplying some heart healthy benefits as well, according to new research. Capsaicin has long held an acknowledged role in the treatment of pain, and thanks to the current study, science knows more about how this substance works to help the heart stay healthy.

Could Unroasted Coffee Beans Aid Weight Loss?

How’s this for intriguing news? An extract of green (unroasted) coffee beans, when taken as a daily supplement, can help you drop those pounds – so say the findings of a small study. The work included 16 patients (aged 22 to 26) who were either overweight or obese and who took daily doses of the extract in capsules.

6 Simple Foods for Memory Improvement

The food you eat does not only give nutrients to the body to keep it healthy, but it also affects your brain function. So, if you think you have a bad memory, you might need to consider improving your diet plan.

The Glycemic Index And Losing Weight

The glycemic index is one of the most overlooked tools that can be used to lose weight. Learn how to take advantage of it to get the best results with your weight loss.

How To Live 120 Years

Introduction to the ways to beat the national average of 78 years of age. Understanding some of the causes of the shorter lifespan. How to optimize food selection to improve your dietary health.

Why Grass Fed Beef Is Better for You

Conventional beef has been fed corn and other grains since World War II. However, a cow’s natural diet of wild grasses creates a far more nutritional steak; higher in vitamins and good fats, lower in e. coli and fats overall.

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