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4 Ways To Stop Drinking While You’re Eating

Being served wine with your meal in a restaurant or having juice on the table while you sit down for dinner, are so commonplace in our lives that many of us see it as a normal harmless situation. But the habit of drinking while you eat in many cases can lead to you developing digestive issues and not getting all the nutrients from your food. This is because when your body knows foods is coming, it produces stomach acid to break down and continue the digestion process on the food which started in…

How Do Western Diets Affect Your Health?

In our current day Western diet, if you begin to take a real good look at what they are, you will soon realize that most of the foods we are eating are highly acidic, therefore extremely detrimental to our health. In this very obese nation, how are we supposed to regulate our diet and lose weight when the foods we’re eating are doing the exact opposite we want them to do? You want foods that will enrich your life–not foods that will destroy and break down our bodies.

The Amazing Benefits of Lemons

In my family we have experienced the benefits of incorporating lemons in our diet from lemon water first thing in the mornings to juicing the entire lemon, putting whole lemons in smoothies etc. The leader of the women’s ministry group that I am in asked me to do a presentation on the benefit of a fruit, I chose to research more on the therapeutic benefits of lemons and this is what I found.

Choosing High Quality Proteins For Your Diet

Protein is a very important part of your overall nutrition. It is an important nutrient for muscle building and to provide you with a sustainable source of energy. This article will discuss the different types of proteins that are available and will compare the properties of the various sources of protein.

Food for Fuel – Tips to Eat for Maximum Energy

Do you have low energy all the time? Tired and irritable? Gaining weight? Not sleeping? Have problems concentrating at work and having low productivity? Are you depressed? These are just some of the classic and most recognized symptoms of poor nutrition and not eating the proper foods to maximize your energy. Learn how to fuel your body for maximum results!

How to Be Healthy Every Day

At its best, good health isn’t a come-from-behind kind of thing. You get better results by keeping your body armed and dangerous–at least to germs and viruses. Here’s how.

Nutiva Coconut Oil

I presently use Nutiva Coconut Oil internally and externally. I am very pleased with the results. This particular brand is USDA Certified Organic and is very good quality. In doing research, this product has received a 4.8 out of a 5 star rating on Amazon. com. I enjoy consuming it and using it in place of many of my beauty products.

Why This Diet Works (And Others Fail!)

A simple guide to an effective diet. And why it will work for you, when other diets have failed.

How Is Pomegranate Good For Health?

Pomegranate is a fruit originating from the Middle East. It is used as folk medicine in many cultures. It is cultivated in many countries such as Japan, Afghanistan, Russia, India and China.

Consider Food Coaching for Healthy Eating Tips

For many people with busy schedules, one of the most important things that go by the wayside is a healthy eating plan. The food habits that busy professionals had in college do not translate well into the real world, and therefore these high-performing people may find themselves several pounds heavier than just 10 years ago, brought upon by a lifestyle of fast food, caffeine overload, and little exercise.

Important Eating Patterns If You Want To Grow Taller Naturally

Your diet has a major impact on how much you will grow taller naturally. That’s why, in this article, we’ll take a closer look at eating patterns that do the trick.

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