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Is Eating Organic Foods Healthier Or Not?

This article looks at the question of, is eating organic foods healthier or not? It delves into the science both for and against by looking at the meta analysis of both sides of the argument.

Binge Eating Is Not a Victimless Crime

Binge eating may seem to be a victimless “crime,” but it has consequences. Those consequences range from serious health problems to appetite and weight problems, and from mood issues to out-of-control behaviors. The primary victim, of course, is the binge eater herself or himself — and the bingeing can, fortunately, be stopped.

Healthy Eating – Are You Eating for the Right Reasons?

You are not alone if you have ever questioned your eating style. But you would be part of a minority if you decided to change your food choices because you felt the foods were not healthy. Perhaps you allowed yourself to indulge too much, and your health started to take a hit. One weekend of poor eating can make you reflect on your diet because it feels uncomfortable to add extra weight, especially around your abdominal area. And it does become a concern when you allow your health to decline due to poor food choices.

Juicing or Smoothies: What’s the Difference?

Have you decided to start incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your diet? Are you confused about whether you should purchase a juicer or blender? This article will discuss the major differences between smoothies and juices.

Green Healthy Living – Habit or Hindrance?

Is Green living a viable solution? That depends upon the investment that we desire to engage, experience and on the type of Wellness that we will allow ourselves or feel that we deserve. Taking small steps to reduce our carbon footprint can also help us live healthier, stronger, longer lives while in the process of using less planetary resources., ie less energy by doing more walking and less driving. Or by utilizing outdoor lighting, thus enjoying the outdoor sunlight for writing more then usage of artificial indoor lighting, during daylight hours. Getting the vitamins from the sunlight, ie., Vitamin D, E and whatever else we will reap from natural sunlight is healthy and beneficial to our overall health and welfare and can help uplift our emotions too! OOOPS, that’s what I have to change and soon!

Abs, Are They Really “Made In The Kitchen”?

It is an oft repeated saying that six-packs are made in the kitchen, that diet is responsible for 80% whilst exercise only 20. People at your gym will sagely say that “You can’t out-run a bad diet” and give you an example of their buddy who can bench press 140kg but spends his days at KFC where he knows the staff by name and is invited to their Xmas party. But is this true? Could diet really be responsible for 80% of your results?

Fermented Foods And Why You Need Them

Looking to improve your digestive system? Fermented foods are what your body needs. Try the many fermented foods that are readily available.

Reasons Why You May Not Be Getting Ripped

It could be that you do not take donuts, French fries and pizza unless it is during those cheat days. This means that you are not taking any unhealthy diet. You get into the gym 5 or 6 times in a week with a good amount of lifting and cardio and you still don’t seem to figure out where the problem is since you are not getting ripped.

Benefits of a Fruit and Vegetable Diet Plan

People have always assumed a diet high in fruits and vegetables was essential to losing weight because they help curb your snacking habits. However, there are many more benefits to eating fruits and vegetables besides just to curb your appetite and lose weight. If you opt for a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables-preferably organic–, then you are sure to reap several benefits.

Potassium Chloride Uses – Benefits and Dangers!

Maybe you have seen potassium chloride in a dietary supplement or food product and wondered what the heck does it do. In this article I’m going to talk about the benefits and dangers of it.

7 Tips For Reversing Leaky Brain Syndrome

The blood brain barrier (BBB) keeps toxins out of the brain while letting nutrients enter. If the BBB is breached, the brain is unprotected. Leaky brain starts with inflammation and is linked with leaky gut, another inflammatory condition. This article includes 7 healthful steps you can take to heal the gut, as well as the BBB.

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