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Past and Present Of Organic Farming In India

Today, people in India are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of healthy living. ‘Benefits’ would be an understatement; it is a necessity. With things like the air we breathe etc not completely in our control, we can atleast control the food we eat.

How Many Calories in Spinach

Baby spinach is the new diet food, as it is low in calories, and high in nutrition. Spinach comes in several varieties that include Savory Spinach, and Regiment, and Bloomsdale. All of the varieties of spinach have one thing in common they are all low calorie highly nutritious food choice options.

How Many Calories in a Tangerine

  The tangerine is a sweet juicy fruit that is orange in color and easily peeled. It is usually purchased in large quantities in the South during the Christmas season. Tangerines are kin to an orange, as well as the Mandarin and offers versions of both seedless and seeded.

How Many Calories in a Pear?

Planning to eat more healthfully can consist of adding a variety of fruit to you diet, such as the healthy pear, with more than 3,000 varieties of pears around the world. In the United States there are several varieties that have become popular among customers and include the Bartlett, the Red Bartlett, the Green Anjou, as well as the Concorde. Calories in pears are low, and this juicy fruit is a great source of vitamins and nutrients.

How Many Calories in Cantaloupe?

Cantaloupe is in the melon family. The outside of the cantaloupe has a rough texture, with a light brown exterior. The inside of the cantaloupe is yellow or bright orange.

How Many Calories In Coconut

Coconut is a tropical fruit, grown on a palm tree. Coconut has a hairy exterior and the inside of the coconut is white containing a flavorful treat. The inside of the coconut is saturated with a type of coconut juice that looks much like milk.

8 Surprising Benefits of Honey

Honey is not only a treat. Here are eight surprising benefits of honey for your health Honey has many healing properties. Traditionally, raw honey has been used to help some people fight against seasonal allergies and it can also help get rid of bacteria that cause inflammation of the digestive tract.

Drink Water, The Reason Why

We have undoubtedly been told at one point or another to drink some water. After you are done playing a pick up game a football with some friends when you were a child, their parents, or your parents always had you come into the house to drink some water. If you are at the gym breaking a sweat there is a drinking fountain there to help you get rehydrated.

Antioxidants: The Good,The Better and The Awesome!

Antioxidants are the powerhouses of vitamins and other nutrients within fruits and vegetables that provide protection for your body against free radicals. Free radicals? What are free radicals you ask? Free radicals are atoms or groups of atoms that are formed when oxygen interacts with certain molecules in your body. These free radicals then go out and damage the molecules of our healthy cells in a domino-like reaction, and sometimes, even our DNA.

How I Beat the Common Cold in About Six Hours

I don’t like to get sick. Here are some steps I take when I feel a cold coming on to lessen the duration of the cold or at least minimize the effects.

How to Pack a Healthy Lunch for Kids

Take back control of school lunch and pack a healthy lunchbox for your children. Kids thrive when their bodies and minds are nourished with healthy foods. A healthy lunch will provide fuel for long afternoon hours at school, help your kids to navigate food and food environments independently of you, and teach them good eating habits that will last a lifetime.

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