Doctor Reacts To The Most Hilarious Medical Memes

Confessions of a Food Label Reader

“John, oh my god! You’re never going to believe this. You’ve got to check out the fridge. They’ve labeled everything!”

Fats and Health

There is always a stigma attached that if the term fat is discussed, it is seen as bad thing. This is not the case, in fact the complete opposite. Fat is good for us, but it is all about choosing the healthier fats, rather than the unhealthy ones.

What Are Eating Disorders And Who May Suffer Them?

Those who suffer from this disorder, which are usually more women than men are terrified of gaining weight, even though they are extremely thin. Normally are not thin because they distort the perception of their body image.

The Top Five Things to Avoid Eating

Somebody asked me these questions the other day: From a dietary perspective, what would be the top five things you try to avoid eating? Are we talking about improving one’s health? Yes we are.

Pros and Cons Of Vegetarianism

Vegetarianism is defined as “the practice of abstaining from the consumption of meat – red meat, poultry, seafood and the flesh of any other animal”. (1) In my experience ‘going veggie’ can be a double edged sword. It can lead to massive health benefits – when its done properly.

How Much Water Does Your Body Need?

People claim to know the importance of water, but don’t drink nearly enough of the stuff. Dehydration can cause chronic health conditions such as headaches, constipation, acne, and joint pain. Get informed about how much water your body really needs and why.

Omega J8004 Nutrition Center – Increase Your Strength and Feel Wholesome Again

Honestly, in the event you don’t want pulp in your juice, then the Omega J8004 Nutrition Center is a perfect choice for you. It’s one of the most sturdy juicers ever produced for wheat grass. This juicer is really a masticating juicer which juices slowly at 80rpm for greater yields and a lesser amount of pulp.

Can Potatoes Be A Part Of A Six Pack Abs Diet?

People often wonder if they can eat a potato in their six pack abs diet and still obtain a six pack as a result. The potato is a favorite of many, but commonly thought of as one of the worst foods for health. It is commonly believed that food must taste bad in order to be healthy. The truth is however, many healthy foods taste amazing, and some foods such as the potato, can potentially be healthy depending on preparation methods. This article details details why potatoes are often labeled as unhealthy, and reveals that they are actually vegetables that can be incorporated into a healthy diet as a healthy carb source. It gives informative information on the potato and defends the potato against several claims made by opponents of the potato for health. The glycemic index is mentioned, and the dynamics to the potatoes value make it seem worse than it is. Sweet potatoes are talked about as not technically potatoes and both are healthy but different nutritionally. The properties of potatoes to prefer to be stored as glycogen, combined with fast digestible is mentioned as a good food for building muscle if scheduled around weight lifting activities.

The Dangers of High Sodium Foods

In this world of packaged and processed foods, you must be conscious of the levels of sodium in everything. This article gives you an overview as it pertains to the dangers of high sodium foods.

Do Healthy Foods Really Exist?

Are you confused on what makes a food healthy? Are you making food choices on what you think is good for you? After reading this article, you will completely be shocked about healthy foods!

School Canteen Food Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive to Be Healthy – Find Out More!

Most school administrators handling a canteen’s budget have multiple goals in play, and it can easily feel as if all of those goals are at war with each other. There is a budget to keep in mind, and it isn’t nearly as much as we would often like it to be.

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