Doctor Reacts To The Fault In Our Stars

Flavorful Cooking for People With Kidney Disease

Cooking for people with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) can be challenging because of dietary restrictions. Of course, this affects flavor, especially when the diet calls for less salt, less potassium, less sugar, less fat… less of everything. However, stop feeling trapped because there are ways to make foods flavorful for patients with CKD.

Incidence of Lactose Intolerance

Lactose intolerance is globally prevalent. Its statistical distribution varies depending on ethnicity and geographical location. The syndrome has genetic and environmental causes.

Weight Loss Is More Than Just Calories

It has only been in the last twenty years that we have seen a rise on obesity in this country. As society is continually making advances in science and technology we are finding that it is coming at the price of the public’s health. Instead of working in the fields and tending to livestock farmers have the luxury of modern farm equipment.

Book Review: Foods That Harm, Foods That Heal

Learn the best foods to eat to support good health with any condition, as well as the foods to avoid, in this new book from Reader’s Digest. 5/5 Stars When I agreed to review Foods That Harm, Foods That Heal, I was not prepared for the size of this food and health tome.

The Business Side Of Weight Loss

In a dwindling economy it seems that entrepreneurial spirit is taking a front seat to everything else. Jobs are hard to come by so people are trying to think up different ways to make money and provide for their families, and this is the reason why the world of health and wellness products has spread like wildfire to all corners of the internet. These products were intended to help, inspire, and improve the lives of those that purchase them but the reality still remains that it is a business, and business is good.

Do You Need To Take A Prenatal Vitamin?

Are you pregnant? Looking to become soon? Then you need to know the truth… are supplements, like prenatal vitamins, necessary for you to take? Or could their very existence actually be hindering the majority of us from realizing our optimum health?

I Drink My Flaxseed

Looking for a great additive to your salad? Try flaxseed not only will it not change the taste of the salad you already love but, you will also receive all the benefits of the healthy seed.

Seven Healthy Travel Snacks

Vacation can be good for mental and emotional health, but it also presents challenges when it comes to maintaining healthy eating habits. This article provides some simple snack ideas to nourish yourself well even when you’re away from home.

Eating Patterns and How They Can Affect Your Weight!

In this article I am going to give you an analogy I think you will like to try and help you better understand your metabolism and how the fire within you works. I have helped countless clients beat plateaus and speed up weight loss with these simple yet effective eating pattern suggestions. First let’s discuss how your metabolism works.

How To Get Your Kids To Eat Their Fruits And Vegetables

Most parents have trouble getting their kids to eat their fruits and vegetables. Read on for a solution to that problem.

3 Reasons You Should Drink More Water

Most people do not drink enough water. Learn the benefits that come from drinking more water through out the day.

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