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Aloe Vera For Digestive Health

When I first heard about the aloe vera plant it was because someone said it is good for your skin. But it’s referred to as a miracle plant by some. As the kiwifruit is a “superfood”, so aloe vera is a “superplant”.

Does The Kiwifruit Live Up To It’s Name As The New Superfood?

I love food, and as I got more educated in the science and technology of food and it’s processing techniques being used. I soon made the decision to start eliminating most of the processed food we were habitually buying at the supermarket.

How Enzyme Deficiencies Can Ruin Your Digestive Health

It’s a fact (according to the Nutrition Security Institute), that our cultivated food such as fruits and vegetables have lost a lot of their nutritional value over the last 100 years. This is due to decreased quality in the fertility of the earth’s soils. Add to that, our processed supermarket foods have most of the digestive enzymes destroyed during their process which involves high heat. It’s not surprising many of us suffer many digestive problems due to enzyme deficiencies.

Perfect Digestive Health Tea

Beer is the most widely consumed alcoholic drink in the world. Tea is the most widely consumed drink in the world, second only to water. While beer does have some health benefits (some beer is a natural source of prebiotics), there are certain teas that will provide several digestive health benefits.

Getting Eggy With It: 6 Ways To Prepare Eggs

If you’re not a master chef, that’s okay. You don’t need to be a culinary wizard; you just need to know how to move eggs from their raw state to the cooked format without burning the house down. Here are some methods for preparing eggs so that your muscles will have the protein recovery fuel needed to grow, grow, grow!

How I Lost 22 Pounds by Niacin Flushing Regularly

An article about how you can use niacin flushing to shred pounds. Niacin flushing entails overdosing vitamin b3 in order to vasodilate the system.

Fiber – The Bodybuilder’s Best Friend

Are you a bodybuilder who works non-stop in the gym (training), the kitchen (cooking & eating) and in the bedroom (sleeping – Get your mind out of the gutter), but cannot seem to see the results you should be seeing from such efforts? One factor which is commonly overlooked but which may make a huge difference in your success patterns in fiber. Let’s learn why!

Complete Your Easter Experience With Lactose-Free Easter Eggs

The ingredients of most commercial Easter eggs are typically not recommended for individuals that deal with lactose intolerance. Basically, the chocolate coating is a combination of milk and chocolate and other ingredients such as sugar and other flavorings. Lactose intolerant individuals may experience the symptoms they are dreading once they eat the eggs.

Unscrambling the Myth Behind Eggs and Cholesterol

The humble egg seems to always get a bad rap from the cholesterol police. “Don’t eat so many eggs” they say, “you’ll raise your cholesterol levels” they claim, “too many eggs are bad for you”, they shout.

Top Vegetables That Contain Prebiotics

Some mainstream foods are including prebiotics in them as a way for us to be able to up our prebiotic intake. The word is out and spreading quickly, even commercials about prebiotics in pet food are popping up.

Emotional Eating: No More Weighing! Part 1

I literally went for a period of four years without weighting myself. Yes, I swear it’s true, more than four years actually. My commitment to stop relying on the numbers of a scale was invaluable. Mind you, I used to weigh myself at least once a day, so I know first hand the destructive nature of this addictive habit!

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