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Effects of Soft Drinks on Your Body

What are the effects of soft drinks on your body? Soft drinks have been around for over 100 years with the formula changing very little in the past few decades. They have created other variations like “Diet” and flavoured versions. According to Wikipedia, the main ingredients include high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) or sucrose, caramel color, caffeine, phosphoric acid, coca extract, lime extract, vanilla, and glycerin. Do you know what this cocktail does to your body?

Nutritional Strategies for Fitness Success

The importance of nutrition, rest and recovery to fitness. Nutritional strategies and concepts that fit your lifestyle and will help you reach your fitness goals faster.

Should Americans Stop Eating Fat?

This article discusses the increase in fat consumption that’s taken place in the U.S. over the past forty years. The subject of good fats and bad fats is examined.

Calorie Counting and Why Results Come From Quality Not Quantity

The very basics of weight loss come down to calories in vs. calories out. How much you each, and how much you burn. But your body composition and health are dependent on what macronutrients you are eating, not the overall calories being consumed.

Coffee and Its Excellent Health Benefits

You don’t have to have a guilt complex when you have that morning cup of coffee! Not only does it help wake you up and give you a quick-energy boost, it actually provides you with some real health benefits, too!

Eating Healthy and Its Benefits!

Giving your body the right type of food is paramount to your overall health. Healthy eating is not about sticking to strict nutrition facts or depriving yourself totally from the food you love. Rather, it is about feeling mentally and physically great and having good energy levels, all of which be achieved by learning nutrition basics and making better food choices.

Why Is Olive Oil A Healthy Food?

If you are starting a new healthy eating program you want to make sure that olive oil is included. It is the foundation of the Mediterranean diet, who have the world’s longest-living cultures. Many of the health-promoting effects of the Mediterranean diet have been credited to olive oil consumption.

Choosing the Best Multivitamin for Your Health

Depending upon your dietary habits, medical or medication history, alcohol intake and other lifestyle habits, going for a multivitamin supplement could be a healthy choice for you! Many of us do not get the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of vitamins and minerals from our diets and have a hard time tracking our nutritional requirements.

How Do You Know You’re Drinking Enough Water?

Dehydration caused by not drinking enough water is a common problem with many people, and it can cause other health problems. Urinary tract infections, high cholesterol, premature aging and even confusion and anxiety can be issues when we don’t drink enough water. And for seniors it can become an even greater problem, as the thirst mechanism that tells us to drink more water becomes less efficient as we age.

Healthy Meals

Many would agree that healthy meals for busy people seem impossible. While most of us know that eating healthy is a must, many are not aware as to how this can be achieved.

The Healthful Vegetarian Brain

Even with a vegetarian diet, all the necessary nutrients and vitamins can be obtained by eating the correct foods. Each individual needs specific nutrients and vitamins to promote healthful brain and nervous system function. This article covers those needs while maintaining a vegetarian diet.

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