Doctor Reacts to Comedians’ Health Jokes

Crucial Advice For Those Who Want To Juice

The nutrient content of fruits and vegetables are very healthy by drinking them in the form of pure juices. This will create the building blocks your body needs. Before starting your juicing program, learn about the health benefits provided by different fruits and vegetables.

Juicing for Health

The human body requires certain nutrients and food to be healthy and function at optimum levels. There are many ways that one can keep a healthy body and one of the best is to drink fresh juice from organic fruits and vegetables.

Organic Juicing for More Energy

Some things in life just don’t need a reinvented wheel? The internet, magazines, and late night infomercials are stuffed full of new ways to become healthy. Or they’re rambling on about trying a new pill to increase energy levels.

Sweeter Than Sugar

If you’re like me you like your breakfast accompanied by a nice jug of coffee that’s as sweet as it is black, a smack across the face to get you started on your day, lighting you up so that you hit the ground running and never look back. Yet you can’t help but notice that sugar intake has increased across the nation to such a point that obesity rates and diabetes has shot through the roof, while our diets have been measured to include 10% sugar.

Add Spice To Your Well-Being and Have Turmeric Benefits

In India, turmeric has actually been used for quite some time as a home remedy. People use it for beyond just cooking curry. In the West, there have been several scientific studies carried out that prove its power.

Go Native With Protein

Protein is extremely fragile. When intact, complete protein can spark and support amazing, regenerative processes in the human body. Today, the various commercial methods of processing whey do not protect the fragility of the protein molecule; rather, they actually destroy it.

What’s In Your Food?

When an operator places a food order, the assumption is that the products will meet FDA and USDA requirements. This is most likely to be true when purchasing from a broad-line food distribution company. Concerns are more likely to arise when an operator is purchasing food from a secondary vendor, such as a local manufacturer or restaurant.

Tips For A Healthy Snacks List

Most people who are looking for a healthy snacks list are doing so because they’re in need of foods they can eat throughout the day that won’t cause them to pack on the fat. But the truth is that there are foods out there that many of us think of as healthy when they’re actually going to cause us to gain weight rather than burn it off. Having a list of healthy snacks is going to be very important because it will allow you to keep your blood sugar levels stable so you won’t experience the binge cravings…

After Water We Are Protein

Earlier we learned that water is the main chemical in our bodies. Coming in number two is protein. The word protein actually means “first substance” due to the fact that the first food fuel we ever consumed was our mother’s milk.

Carbohydrate Fuel

There are three main energy producing nutrient food fuels for the body. They are protein, carbohydrates and fats. Today, we will discuss the details behind carbohydrates.

Vitamix Juicing: My Favorite Green Drink Recipe for Natural Energy

Here’s one of my favorite Vitamix juicing recipes that you can drink in the morning when you first get out of bed for a shot of quick energy. You can make it today and drink all of it over the next couple of days.

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