Doctor Reacts To Brutal John Wick Injuries

“Natural” on Food Labels Doesn’t Mean Anything

“Natural” doesn’t mean anything when looking on the labels of packaged goods according to Consumer Report. Over 66% of consumers who shop for natural foods think that the word “natural” means something.

Quitting Sugar

Quitting Sugar – What?!?!?!?! Am I crazy? Why would I want to give up one of life’s tastiest sweet pleasures? When I told my friends and family what I was doing they assumed I was insane and said they could never do it unless they were forced, by gun. I’m sure you’re thinking that exact thing right now. Believe me, I didn’t want to give it up but really felt that I had to. I had read a lot of success stories about people that had amazing results but I was secretly thinking they couldn’t possibly be true and I was absolutely certain I wouldn’t see any positive benefits. At least any that really made a difference, but I was willing to give it a shot because you never know and I’ve been proven wrong before.

Finding the Pros in a Long List of Cons of Processed Foods

There are more and more processed foods hitting the supermarket shelves each year. While they might offer quick and easy meals and snacks, there are many negatives associated with processed foods. Yet, there are two sides to every story. Learn about some of the pros of processed foods by reading on.

What Determines If You’re Size 6 Or Size 4? It Could Be Sugar!

Women who want to lose weight when others think they look fine as they are may be called obsessive or even anorexic. Sometimes it’s necessary to listen to what they’re really saying. This article covers the advice given to one client when everyone told her the opposite.

The ABC’s of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is important for your health, yet many people are deficient in this vitamin. Find out what effects vitamin D absorption and how to can ensure an adequate intake through your food choices.

Portion Distortion and How to Avoid It

Did you know that the ‘average’ size portion of carbohydrates has sky rocketed over the last 20 years in line with soaring levels of overweight and obesity? Do you know what an average serving of cooked rice should be?!

Is Butter Better?

There’s a lot of controversy about whether butter or margarine is better for you. Some people will always choose butter because of the taste. However, if you’re just looking at the nutrition facts, is butter or margarine a better choice?

How to Make Sure Your Kids Get the Best Possible Nutrition

We all know the importance of good nutrition for our growing children and all of us have gotten advice from various sources such as our parents, our doctors and through the media. Sometimes there is too much information to assimilate, however, and things can get a little confusing.

Top 3 Dietary Supplements – Myriad Health Benefits

Junk food is gaining in popularity across the globe, leading to poor dietary habits and an imbalanced diet. This means that our daily requirement of nutrients are not met. This has paved the way for dietary supplements.

The Flabby Belly Fat and the Battle to Lose Weight in Mid Life

As people age, keeping everything “right and tight” after the age of 30 gets progressively more and more challenging. Any weight you put on in your 30’s gets much harder to take off in your 40’s, whether it’s the result of a slowing metabolism, hormonal changes, or simply getting a little over zealous with your portions. Even if good old gravity has played a role in the changes to your physique, there are still effective ways to tone your body and get rid of your flabby belly fat – even if you’re well past forty.

The Top 5 Ways To Prepare Your Leafy Green Vegetables and Lettuces

Wondering what to do with your leafy green vegetables and lettuces? Learn my top 5 ways to prepare your dark green leafy vegetables and lettuces like romaine, arugula, dandelion greens, kale, spinach, and collards.

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