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Chocolate – Can It Be Good for Your Health?

Can eating chocolate really be good for your health? Are there really any positive benefits to indulging your sweet tooth? Apparently, some health research is indicating eating some chocolate can have some positive health benefits.

How to Be Healthy in Layman Terms

The first answer to How to be healthy is to make the best choices the majority of the time. It doesn’t mean depriving yourself or never enjoying good foods again. It means that if you have the choice, most of the time, pick the healthy option.

Healthy Snacks: Top 5 Nuts to Snack on!

While browsing through the grocery store, in search of a new snack that’s going to be healthy and still satisfy my 3pm snack attack at work, I stumbled upon the bulk section of nuts. I thought to myself, maybe I should look into the nutritional factors nuts have, since they’re always included in trail mixes…they must be healthy for you! The following are the top 5 healthiest nuts and reasons why they’re good for you

Five Good Reasons to Eat an Avocado Each Day

Forget the fat in avocados because they are a super-healthy method to add valuable nutrients and fibers (yes, and healthy fat!) in your perfect diet plan. Many people, within their attempts to become health-conscious, avoid avocados due to its high fat concentration (138 calories and 14.

The Miracles of Nature: Propolis

Propolis is a hive product that has amazing therapeutic effects. Honeybees use it in order to seal and sanitize their hives. Humans use it in order to treat various illnesses and disease. Due to its healing properties it has been nicknamed “the nature’s atibiotic.”

What You Should Know About Kyolic Aged Garlic?

Kyolic Garlic is derived from the extraction of aged garlic nurtured by organic farming. Garlic is antibiotic in nature but what makes it so good is that it will not kill good digestive bacteria or cause any damage to our body.

Alkaline Water Benefits: Discover Powerful Natural Antioxidant

The benefits of alkaline water hinge on the fact that it helps the body to expel waste and other toxins. The food we eat, drinks, we take and even environmental pollution is some of the causes of the presence of toxins and acidic wastes in human bodies. Alkaline water will help keep the body at the alkaline level by neutralizing excess acids. This will help in defending against common conditions associated with high acid levels such as obesity and high blood pressure.

Benefits of Acai Berry Supplements: Fact or Myth?

The acai berry has been known as the “super fruit” due to its miraculous promises to prevent health disorders and reverse the adverse effects of aging. Many has claimed that it does work, however, are there any scientific basis for such? This short article will make you think twice before going with the hype.

Habits Children Are Taught That May Not Be So Healthy

Unfortunately, we pass on to our children ways from our own childhood. These memories may want to be modernised and our knowledge updated for the better good.

Top 3 Healthiest Breakfast Ideas

When your mother told you, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, she wasn’t just trying to get you to eat your cream of wheat. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially when you’re on a journey to lose weight. Breakfast provides your body with its first boost of energy to start your day. Studies have also proven that a healthy breakfast can increase your attention span and heighten your sense of well-being. The following are the best breakfast ideas for those of us who are on a journey to get healthy, and lose some of those extra pounds we packed on over the winter months.

Gluten Vs Gluten Free

You may have heard that more and more people are finding that they have gluten sensitivity. Most people that are diagnosed with gluten intolerance don’t even know what gluten is. Quite simply, gluten is a protein that is found in such things as wheat, rye, barley and other carbohydrates.

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