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The State Of Your Digestive Health Affects The Liver

The liver plays a major role in our digestive system by processing all we eat and drink for our body’s required energy and nutrients. It also is the filter that keeps dangerous toxins and other harmful substances from entering into the blood.

Sugar Cravings and Refined Carbohydrates

Our natural sugar cravings, meant to entice us to reach for colorful, nutrient-rich, high-fiber fruits, have been manipulated and usurped by a food industry hungry for profits. Refined carbohydrates (bread, pasta, cereal, baked goods) deliver very little in the way of cancer-fighting, health-promoting nutrients but are loaded with calories and provide us with a heavy glycemic load.

Embrace a Diabetes Diet by Eating More!

If you are living with diabetes, you can still be healthy and still enjoy life by eating the right foods. Learn how to embrace the right diabetes diet, with these simple tips.

How to Get Recipes for Protein Powder and Protein Shakes

Perhaps you just gulp down your plain protein drink after each workout session because consuming Protein Powder in liquid form is just a boring part of your post-workout routine for you. One way to dispel your boredom is to stop making ordinary protein drinks and to start concocting delicious Protein Shakes instead. If you are not a culinary expert, you might wonder how in the world you can invent shake recipes from scratch.

Things Not to Have in Your Healthy Eating Menu

We have all heard of all the healthy foods that we should have in our healthy eating menu. Having balanced meals in a healthy eating menu is quite easy with all this information on healthy eating. There are so many sources of information and guides to creating a healthy eating menu for daily living that people have access to. This information is detailed with all the benefits of eating healthy and all the detrimental effects of not sticking to a healthy eating menu. However with all these guidelines on how to eat healthy, it is also important to know what not to compromise on when it comes to a healthy eating menu.

Myths and Facts About Healthy Eating

There are some common myths and facts about healthy eating that we often get mixed up when it comes to planning a daily diet. Most of these myths or facts about healthy eating are what we have been raised by for most of our lives that have become strong, rooted habits which are very hard to get rid of. However as you read this and find out that you have been consisting some myths for facts about healthy eating, you can begin to start wearing of the bad eating habits slowly until you get used to planning a diet revolved around the true facts about healthy eating.

The 2 Most Important Digestive Health Tips You Will Ever Learn

Good and solid digestive health tips can be of great benefit for everyone because most diseases get their start in the intestinal tract. Keeping the entire digestive system at optimal working condition is vital for attaining total body health.

Some Serious Health Benefits Of Kiwifruit Skin

Kiwifruit is loaded with a lot of vitamins and minerals and there have been many studies done linking it to many health benefits. Things as diverse as helping children fight of allergies to heart health and helping with digestive disorders such as constipation. What many people possibly don’t realize is that many of the powerful nutrients helping to provide these health benefits are from the kiwifruit’s skin.

How Do Prebiotics Work?

Everyone knows about probiotics by now, but more recently there has been more attention to prebiotics and so more people are asking the question; how do prebiotics work? With these two relatively new “biotics” words in our vocabulary some people still aren’t too sure what differences, if any are there between PRO and PREbiotics. Here is some clarification:

What Are The Vegetables With Prebiotics?

If you’ve learned a bit about prebiotics and their many health benefits for the digestive system you may be searching for vegetables with prebiotics to add to your diet in hopes of getting better intestinal health. Some of the best sources of prebiotics are indeed vegetables and the ones with the highest amount are…

Are There Advantages Of Getting Prebiotics In Food?

Should we really be getting our needed prebiotics in food? Consuming large amounts of processed food is one of the reasons we’re all getting sick with illnesses and more disorders and disease than ever before.

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