Doctor Calls Steve-O “Skinny Fat”

Starting Your Day Off the Right Way

There are some real things to consider when you are looking forward to having a good day. A large part of a good day involves a healthy breakfast. Some people like to start off the day with some sort of task that relaxes them.

Raw Food And Cancer

Raw food and cancer go well together. Discover why raw food is so efficient in curing any type of cancer. Find out a program which can help you make an easy transition to raw food.

Try These Safe Gluten-Free Snacks For Kids

A variety of snacks and sweets are gluten-free. With these pointers, you will be able to relax and keep your kids happy too!

Ultimate Superfoods You Should Be Eating

Getting the most out of your diet can be difficult, especially when you aren’t quite sure what foods are the best to eat. Most experts agree, however, that there are a few foods out there that can be classified as “superfoods,” or foods that help to prevent diseases with very few calories while at the same time providing you with nutritious vitamins and minerals. Make sure to add these to your grocery list for your next trip to the store. In no time, your waist will be thanking you for using the best diet pills available: superfoods.

Cut Right Back On Alcohol And See How It Helps Your Diet And Training

How to get the effects of alcohol in perspective if you want to lose weight or achieve elite fitness. Many good diet strategies will be rendered completely ineffective if you are tempted by a glass of wine or a beer. You will ruin that day’s diet discipline if you drink alcohol in the evening. Faster than you can say Cabernet Sauvignon!

Weight Loss Diet – What Do You Feed Your Machine?

After seeing a Ferrari overtake me on the way to work the other day, I started to day-dream – ‘What would it be like to own a Ferrari?’ I was sitting in traffic so I had plenty of time to think about this and I must say, I really got into it! After I had been driving around in this Ferrari for a while, it came to me – ‘I need to fill it up’. With the every pressing matter of raising fuel costs. I was stuck with a dilemma, should I fill my beautiful Ferrari with cheap fuel, knowing that it wont be good for it and it wont perform to its best. Or – do I fill my Ferrari with the premium fuel?

Long May You Run

I knew what I wanted to write about today, but I had no idea of what I wanted to title it. I turned on the computer and put on Neil Young on Pandora and guess what the first song was…one of my favorites…LONG MAY YOU RUN.

Negative Calorie Foods – Fact or Fantasy?

I’ve been reading a lot about so called negative calorie foods, and find the concept compelling. The idea is that these fruits and vegetables take more calories for our bodies to digest than they contain.

An Effective and Easy Diet for Men

Who says women are the only human species craving for that figure everybody wants to possess? Men too want to have that taut, slim body with rock-hard abs and gorgeous biceps. Diets are not “one size fits all”, there is a diet tailor fitted for each of us, what works for your friend may not work for you.

Stay Fit and Healthy the Right Way

For many years now, more and more people are becoming health conscious. Fitness has turned out to be a growing concern for most people, while some people pine for a well-toned body. Some want the perfect tummies or full to bursting biceps. The end result of this has been frequently jam-packed gyms and spas.

Finding The Time For Protein In Your Diet

First things first, protein is without doubt the most fundamental, important ingredient in your diet, weather your goals are to lose weight, or gain muscle, fact. Having the right amount of protein in your diet is the difference between reaching your goals on time, or not reaching your goals at all.

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