Do you feel like there’s an invisible force that is keeping you at specific weight?

Great Tips to Detox

Detoxification, or detox, is a quick fix dietary regime for better health. With so much celebrity endorsements and widespread product marketing, it’s no wonder his new age health option is all the rage.

22 Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat Healthier

It can be extremely difficult getting your children to eat healthy. These 22 tips will help keep your family eating the right foods.

How to Time the Eating of Carbohydrates So They Won’t Make You Fat

Carbohydrates catch a bad rap because excessive carbohydrate consumption has been linked to diabetes, obesity and other health related ailments. It is true that excessive carbohydrate intake can lead to a host of health problems. But does that mean we ought to avoid them altogether? Absolutely not! The key is knowing when carbohydrates can be consumed without leading to the adverse side effects commonly associate with them and exercising moderation when you do decide to help yourself to some rice, potatoes or fruit.

17 Ways to Eat Healthy While Eating Out

Eating out is a necessity with many lifestyles or careers. It is difficult to eat healthy when you are eating outside of the home. Following these 17 practical tips will help you avoid temptation and make healthy meal choices.

Vitamin Supplements – What You Need To Know

What you need to know about vitamin supplements. Hint: Your doctor won’t tell you this.

Our Brain on Fat: The Many Neurological Benefits of This Amazing Macro-Nutrient

For those of you that know me and are aware that I have epilepsy, finding a safe, natural and effective treatment has been pretty much a priority of mine for the past 22 years. With that being said, I think I may have found it! No I am not “cured” of my seizures, YET but I think I am slowly but surely on my way to finding one.

Learn to Juice, Learn to Live! 3 Reasons Why Juicing Will Save Your Life

Think you’ll take a pass on juicing? Think again. Juicing is one of the best decisions you will ever make for yourself–it’s right up there with quitting smoking (or not picking it up), getting in shape, drinking water, getting enough sleep, and so on.

Why Is Spinach Good For You?

Popeye had it right when it came to spinach – spinach is a superfood that helps your body perform at its best. A diet rich in vegetables, like spinach, gives your body what it needs to stay healthy. Nutritionists recommend eating four or more servings of vegetables a day. Because spinach is so healthy, it is suggested that you eat spinach at least four times a week.

Weight Loss Industry: Are They Right?

Why is it that weight loss companies can’t stop to bombard us with new products every year that are no better than last year’s products? We are getting the answer to this question when we are looking a little bit more under the surface of this industry. But there is light at the end of the tunnel: When our basic approach is more naturally then losing weight is not quite so hard and it is even possible keeping it off in the long term.

Food Nutrition – Key to Weight Gain

Include foods that are rich in protein in your diet; protein is the most important nutrient that is not only healthy but also enables you to gain muscle mass and thereby put on weight. Foods rich in protein include red meat, eggs, almonds, bananas, broccoli, carrot, cheese, dairy products, salmon, sardines, tuna and turkey. When taking red meat, make sure that you take it grilled to reduce the amount of fat and top it up with a fresh garden salad or steamed veggies which not only make it healthy but also functions as a protein booster.

Tips for Health-Conscious Coffee Lovers

With exception of hard-core coffee fans–vegans and omnivores alike–almost everyone loves Starbucks. Among regular customers are those who crave coffee, and those who crave sugar and dairy calorie-laden blended beverages. Some of us never want to leave the “third-place”, thanks to free WiFi, refills, jazz and comfortable chairs. But if you’re counting calories, watch out for those free food and drink samples!

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