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US Bioterror Concern: Good for Pharmaceuticals and Bad For Natural Treatments

The Associated Press reported recently that the nation’s federal health officials are worried about biological weaponry treatment stockpiles. There is a stockpile of 60 million 60 day anthrax treatments, small pox vaccines, and adapted small pox vaccines for the uncompromising but there is a growing concern for the preparation for a number of other illnesses. As a result of this pressure, pharmaceutical companies are now drawn to a push for the development of multipurpose treatments in order to expedite the preparation process. What will this new multipurpose drug fad yield?

Unusual Sources of Iron to Include in Your Healthy Meal Plan

Want to know how to reduce your meat consumption to lose weight? Concerned that your iron levels will drop? Read on to find out how to include vegetarian or vegan iron sources to your healthy meal plan.

Dairy-Free Diet

Going on a dairy free diet is a freedom for those who have suffered for a long period of time with sensitivities to dairy. The switch to cooking with alternatives is not as bad as you might think. All it requires is open-mindedness, experimentation, and a little knowledge.

The Paleo Diet – 5 Foods to Avoid

What you and many other people may not already know, is that the majority of foods listed below are the causes of ninety percent of allergic reactions. The Caveman Diet is the most healthiest diet in the world because it eliminates all of those foods.

Arsenic and Herbs

Arsenic in your food?? What is safe and what is not appears to be the question being asked.

Wheat and Type O’s

In our modern times there are so many reasons to maintain our health; especially since our diets are usually loaded with junk food and empty calories. Various diet products have been offered by nutrition experts and there is a “quick fix” for just about any health or weight issue.

Foods to Avoid in Order to Lose Weight

People are thrilled from many things in life, however I never in all my days met or heard about a person over the moon about being out of shape and overweight. On the other hand, I routinely come across people sick and tired of yo- yo effects from seemingly healthy diet programs and “sensible meal plans.”

Spicy Secrets To Keeping Your Kitchen and Your Life Hot! Hot! Hot! February, and Forward!

Laura reveals her top two secrets to keeping life fresh, exciting, and fulfilling all the days of the year. She explains how making small tweaks in your kitchen, and in your daily life can keep you motivated, and satisfied long-term. It’s all about keeping things spicy!

Health And Wellness Jobs

We all know someone that is out of work. There are many opportunities out there for people to pursue. Everywhere you look there are ads in the paper, infomercials on television, and pop ups on the computer about nutrition and exercise. Many ads about rock hard buns or washboard stomachs and people buy what they are selling. If they can get customers to buy a product off of a late night infomercial so should you be able to do similarly the same thing, just on a more personal basis.

What Is Green Tea and Cancer Research Indicating?

You’ve probably heard it a hundred times, “the results are inconclusive”. This is not entirely true because tests with laboratory animals are showing positive results connecting green tea and cancer reduction, with a few indications of prevention. Human clinical trials are a horse of a different color. The basic problem with human research is that no two people are alike.

Biltong – Discover Why It Is a Great Source of Energy

Biltong is a perfect food for explorers, sailors, mountaineers or just about any endurance sportsperson. It is extremely lightweight, which means you can carry plenty, wherever your exploration is taking you. Discover all the other great reasons why biltong is a great nutritional supplement and its key role as a source of energy.

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