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How to Get the Protein Your Body Needs Without the Fat

One thing that people should know is that losing weight is a balancing act of good nutritional foods and exercise. If you do not have good nutritional foods to supply the energy your body requires then you are going to reach for the quick fixes like candy bars and other snack foods.

Did You Know That Diet Soda Is Making You Fat?

Diet soda is, very simply, a misnomer. Despite common “wisdom,” frequent consumption of diet soda (and artificial sweeteners) often leads to weight gain. Did I read that right? YES! The average diet soda drinker gains more weight than the average regular soda drinker.

Strange Weight Loss Strategy: The 10-10-10 Principle

How will what I do have implications on my life 10 minutes, 10 months, and 10 years from now? It’s an ingenious little strategy for getting us out of the moment where we can easily be tempted by short-sighted desires to think instead about how your choices will affect us in the long term.

Nutrition’s Role in Neuropathy

Neuropathy has a wide variety of causes, and nutritional causes are a major subset of it. Neuropathy secondary to deficiency of Vitamin B (especially B12 and Folic Acid) is well known and one of the first suspicion in otherwise normal patients presenting with symptoms of neuropathy like numbness, pin-and-needle sensation, burning sensations, pain or loss of sensations. When it affects the nerves supplying the muscles, it may result in weakness of muscle, muscle atrophy, lack of fine muscle control which may result in many symptoms depending on which muscles are affected.

You Never Need to Drink Gatorade Again

Imagine you just triumphantly returned from an arduous 7 mile run through the scorched streets under the 100+ degree summer sun. The rubber on your shoes is so hot it’s sticking to your linoleum tiles, sweat is flying everywhere, and you’re parched. You hobble to the fridge, swing open the door, and reach for an ice cold… Coconut Water?

3 Easy Steps to a Delicious Paleo Meal

Starting a new diet can sometime involve complicated meal plans and restrictive shopping lists. In this article you learn how easy it is to begin eating the Paleo way. We lay out the three easy steps involved in putting together a delicious Paleo Meal whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Superfood – Healthy Foods Abounding in Medicinal Value

Research suggests that some types of foods such as walnuts, oatmeal, oat bran and fatty fish as well as foods fortified with stanols or sterols can control the cholesterol levels in the blood. Many studies reveal that a diet consisting of these superfoods are just as effective as cholesterol lowering medicines in the reduction of “bad” cholesterol.

What Exactly Is Alkalinity And What Does It Mean For Your Health?

With the majority of things in life, the best possible health is going to have to start with a balance. The bodies we have are going to have to maintain a pH balance of about 7.365; this is slightly alkaline.

The Benefits of Eating Onions

Throughout history, onions have been revered as a natural cure all. They belong to the same family as garlic. While todays’s scientists agree that onions may have the power to prevent and treat certain illnesses, they have yet to discover the exact substances that have these remarkable healing powers; as a result, onions continue to be the subject of much research.

Nutrition Pyramid Clarified

The nutrition pyramid has been revised and is now called USDA’s My Plate. It’s a huge improvement over the confusing and hard to understand pyramid from before. Learn how to make your meals in a way that helps you lose belly fat.

Considerations Of A Gluten Free Diet

Taking on a gluten free diet can have a number of healthy advantages, but it can also have some considerations that may make you think twice. On the one hand, it can help in the lowering of blood pressure and the general feeling of overall wellness. On the other, it can be close to impossible to eat out at restaurants and stick to the diet itself.

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