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26 Tips for Healthy Eating for Great Nutrition and for Losing Weight and Maintaining

In our Super Sized Fast Food Society we need gentle quick reminders of healthy things we can do to take care of our mind and body. Super foods, low-fat alternatives, fresh organic foods, energizing your metabolism, growing your own vegetables and greens, exercising, reducing salt and sugar are just a few ideas this article has to offer in taking care of yourself and living a healthy lifestyle. We hope you find these tips useful. Enjoy.

How You Can Juice Correctly: Get Your Every Day Dose

This article talks about improving your physical fitness with juicing. Specifically, it offers a series of useful guidelines all designed to share information about how juicing may help you.

Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine

Research has shown that drinking alkaline ionized water has many health benefits. Our body requires a balance acidic – alkaline condition to stay healthy and free from disease attacks. Alkaline ionized water prevents premature aging and rejuvenate the skins.

3 Tips To Simplify Healthy Eating

Discover three simple tips to make eating healthy simple, easy, and sustainable for life. Make eating healthy less overwhelming by focusing on eating whole foods consistently.

Selecting a Good Protein Bar

It can be overwhelming to go to a grocery store and search for protein bars in today’s society. Why is this? There are more choices on the market every day.

Pumping Up With Pumpkin Seeds

Listen up fruits and vegetables; you are not the only type of “superfoods” in town. Often overlooked as important food items, the seeds that we tend to spit out are often packed with nutrients and dietary fiber. Pumpkin seeds in particular have such a wide range of health benefits that they are considered to be a superfood in their own right.

Do Potatoes Really Make Us Fat?

Many of us think that potatoes are a fattening food to eat which contain lot of simple carbohydrates and nothing else. But today we would discuss on this topic and will make you aware that this might be a conspiracy against this wonderful vegetable. So there are few points which will definitely help to get your questions answered that whether potatoes really makes you fat or not? Some of the myths about potatoes are listed in the article.

10 Essential Fruits For A Healthy Diet Description

So now, what does it mean to eat right? To eat right is to have a balanced and healthy diet such as “Eating Right with the Color” diet. This is maintaining a colorful plate through choosing the foods with the colors of the rainbow. And these foods are generally fruits and vegetables. Below, you can see the 10 essential fruits for a healthy diet.

Some Down and Dirty Tips For Lowering Cholesterol

Perhaps your doctor has got in touch with you about your blood tests, perhaps you are getting to that age where you need to start thinking about your health more seriously, or perhaps you are just looking for some lower cholesterol information. The American Medical Association actually states that people over the age of 25 should start to have their cholesterol checked – so even if you are young, it is something that you should bear in mind. As people approach their 40s, or if they have any other significant family history of…

What Carb Is Best for Loading Pre Workout

An overview of the benefits of waxy maize for carb loading and gaining lean muscle. Waxy maize gets bashed a lot by overpriced competitive products, but if it works, why is it getting overlooked?

Live Healthy by Alkalising Your Body – What It Means and How to Do It

Having a correctly pH balanced body is one of the main ways to maintain good health and well-being, as well as achieving any weight or performance goals. Although we generally begin our early years with a slightly more alkaline body (which is optimal), as we age, we are exposed to more processed and chemical filled foods, alcohol, refined sugars and stress. These variables make most of us more acidic, which is not only unhealthy but can create a cancerous environment.

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