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Interval Training Nutrition – What Your Diet Should Be When You Are Doing Interval Training Workouts

Interval training nutrition is an extension of your interval training workouts. When working out, whether you want to lose weight or not, being careful at what you eat is essential. A healthy diet will give you energy to perform intense exercises and will allow muscles to develop nicely.

The Shocking Truth About Good Digestive Health

The shocking truth is that approximately eighty percent of our immune system function comes from our gut. Based on this fact it makes sense to focus on improving the conditions inside our gut. Read the complete article.

Comparing Farm Raised to Wild Salmon – A Few Things to Consider

The question “is salmon healthy” almost appears as a loaded question, as the health benefits have been reiterated many times over, and everyone who has written about a proper diet has placed salmon at the top of their list. However, if it is farm raised salmon, some discussion is in order. Farmed salmon as opposed to that harvested in the wild, and therefore having been fed in their natural habitat, should be consumed not more than once per week.

Seven Essential Foods for Your Baby’s Brain Development

Every parent surely expects his or her baby to grow up to be an intelligent child. To develop a baby’s brain, there are three factors that play an important role, namely genetics, nutrition and stimulation. You cannot change the genetic factor but fortunately, nutrition and stimulation are two factors that you can clearly optimize.

Simple Steps to Be Healthier

Here are some strategies you can use to be healthier. Making small changes and turning them into habits can go a long way in your overall health.

Sunflower Seed Calories

Sunflower seeds are celebrated for their nutritional benefits, and because of this, they are great additions to any diet. Whether you are cooking or eating them as a snack, these seeds are a great addition to any type of meal.

Food Textures in the Dietary Department for Long Term Care and Post Acute Care Facilities

Food textures play a very important role in the dietary department. It is critical that we understand the dynamics of each texture and the rational behind these decisions. There are three types of food textures that identify a diet: regular texture, mechanical soft, and pureed. A regular diet is comprised of foods that have a regular texture in where no modifications have been made to them. A mechanical soft diet…

List of Foods for Lowering Cholesterol

There are so many things that you can do to lower your cholesterol. But the first thing that you need to know is changing you the way you eat is the best and easiest way to lowering your high cholesterol numbers. Before you head out to buy your grocery list of foods for lowering cholesterol, you probably need to know what those foods are.

The Serrano Show: An Interview With Dr Eric Serrano

Dr. Eric Serrano is the ace sought out by elite athletes around the world for help with the most difficult of problems. He spends a large part of his time promoting the health of his everyday family practice patients in Pickerington, a suburb of Columbus Ohio. Amongst the thousands of patients are elite athletes from around the globe who will travel to the ends of the earth to consult with Dr. Serrano. Here is an interview with Dr. Serrano that will leave you wanting more!

Coconut – The Good Trans Fat

One of the dominant (yet only partially true) theories promoted for the last 50 years is that saturated fats (coconut oil and others) are bad for your health. Heart disease, obesity, high cholesterol and even Alzheimer’s disease are a few of the touted ramifications of ingesting saturated fats. Coconuts scientific name is cocus nucifera.

Learn The Basics Of a Healthy Eating Guide – Feel Better and Improve Your Health

The purpose of following a healthy eating guide is not to starve yourself or feel deprived of your favorite foods, nor is it about following strict plans that make you feel tied down. The real purpose of following a healthy eating guide is to make yourself feel better and improve your health! When you decide to follow the right plan you will feel happier, more confident and get back that energy you miss.

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