Calorie Myth “Nutritious isn’t Delicious”: Can You Make Doughnuts Healthy?

Alkaline PH Level: A Pre-Requisite For Human Body

Alkaline pH is the measure of the acid or alkaline solutions. Its range of 7.2 to 7.

Benefits of Alkaline Foods

When trying to maintain a pH balance that is above a seven we should try to eat eighty percent alkaline foods. We should make ourselves aware of what these foods are so that we know which of them are best to eat. Eating these types of foods can give us better health and help us to live a longer life.

7 Effective Detox and Cleansing Smoothies

Smoothies are a great way to detox and gently nourish your body without starving. Lose weight, regain energy and feel good again with using every day natural organic ingredients.

6 Reasons Why You May Want to Dump Dairy for Good

In our modern culture, milk and cheese are readily available and frequently added to many of our favorite foods. Many of us were taught at some point in our lives that milk and dairy are good for you. They “do the body good”.

PH and Healing

Can a balanced pH help your body heal? Can excess acidity slow down or stop the healing process? The answer to both questions is “yes”.

Does the Alkaline Diet Work?

In order to answer that question, first we need to ask ourselves this: 1. What exactly do we mean by “alkaline diet”? and.

Balanced PH for the Body

Having the correct biochemical balance in the body is important for optimal health. The biochemical balance in the body depends in part on the pH of the body’s systems being at the right levels. For athletes such as runners, weight lifters, and others, having the right balance of nutrients in the body is essential.

Is Your Diet Too Acidic?

What you eat and how you eat can lead to too much acidity in your body. Your diet could be too acidic!!

Reading Your Way to Good Nutrition

As a family, we became more aware of packaged food labels some years back- it was my husband who drove that consciousness, especially with my daughter, who was then on the heavier side. In order to help her curb her tendency to indulge in what we loosely call “junk food” he trained her to look for the calorie and fat content. Also, being a compulsive reader, he came by articles on the net which made us understand that what you see/what you read is often now what you get!

Protein and Energy Bars May Be Fitness Junk Food

Nutrition bars,energy bars,protein bars in many cases are not what they pretend to be. They are all over the place being touted as good for you.

Taking the Guess Work Out of Clean Eating

When working towards fat loss, you need to use long term thinking. Don’t fall into the insidious trap of only focusing on what will only work right now. Clean Eating is hard and takes effort but it will help lead to a healthier happier lifestyle.

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