Calorie Myth “Calorie is Not a Calorie”: High-Quality vs. Low-Quality Calories

Carbs Are A Weight Loss Ally?

People inherently fear carbs but that shouldn’t be the case. Good carbs can be a great ally in the weight loss battle because they keep you full, fill you up faster, and give you energy throughout the day! It’s time for a mindset change!

Cut the Soda Consumption With These Great Water Alternatives

One of the best ways to start losing weight is to stop drinking sugary drinks like soda! This can be accomplished by drinking more water, but many people dislike it’s taste. Instead try drinking tea, infused waters, and even flavor packets to stop drinking soda and start drinking more water!

How to Make Your Comfort Foods Healthy

When the weather is cold, it is probably the easiest time of year to curl up in a blanket on the sofa with the fire on and some lovely comfort foods. I think that’s honestly what everyone wants to do, but sadly we know that doing this too often can lead to some serious weight gain.

To Eat Or Not To Eat – Weight Management, Motivation for Change

As a toddler, Jackie was usually satisfied after eating small amounts of food, unless it was candy, chocolate and such. Her dad, aiming for good, warned her of the dire consequences of not maintaining a nutritious diet; for example, she would never grow taller than a five-year-old. Jacky believed her dad, the principal authority in her life.

Is Sugar Good or Bad for Health?

This article demonstrates how easy it is to figure out if different sugars are good or bad for health. Sugars can be great for health or awful for health. Learn how to tell the difference. Also learn how to tell what foods are good for health easily and quickly.

9 Diet Foods You Should Never Eat

Many of the diet foods you’re eating are actually doing more harm than good. Learn what some of these foods are so you can avoid their negative health implications.

How To Tackle A Cheat Day

Personal trainer Llanelli Jamie Stedman discusses the best ways to approach a cheat day and what to avoid doing at all costs. Cheat days can be very effective in allowing you to stick to a healthy eating program.


There are words we like to discourage using. Particularly troublesome are the four letter words. One that folks really hate using is the “Diet” word. As a matter of fact, research from the NPD Group shows that in 2012, only 23 percent of women say they were on a diet. When women were surveyed in 1992, 34 percent said they were dieting. Now this is not to say folks don’t need to diet, but attitudes have changed.

The Top Ten Best Diet Foods

You can’t out work a bad diet, so here is a list of the top ten best diet foods! Instead of starving yourself, try eating HEALTHY foods like the ones in this list. These foods provide a great combination of important nutrients like fiber, protein, and more! And they’re tasty too!

The 5 Most Powerful Reasons To Drink Water! Instantly Uncover A Simple Way To Support Your Body!

Hydration opens up so many avenues for good health! The average person does not drink enough water every day for optimal health. Even if you don’t compete in sports, adequate fluid intake benefits you in numerous ways.

Why Cholesterol Is Necessary, and the Best Ways to Get It

What many of us don’t realize is cholesterol, that soft, waxy substance that is found in our bloodstream and also all of our cells in our body is a substance we can’t live without. Cholesterol helps in hormone production, producing cell membranes, helps in fat digestion, and even more importantly as we age is vital for neurological function.

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