Breaking Down Breast Thermography and Its Benefits| The Dr. Josh Axe Show Ep 94

Is Salt Really The Health Risk We Are Led To Believe? The Real Health Benefits May Be Surprising

We are always being told that too much salt is to blame for High Blood Pressure, Hypertension and Heart Disease. But there really is little solid proof to back that up. So what’s the deal?

Are You Consumer Smart About Protein Bars?

Not all protein bars are equal. Unless you know what ingredients are in your bar how do you know if it is good for you or not? Be an educated consumer about what you are consuming and feeding your kids. The ingredients found in this article should be avoided at all costs!

Why You Should Be Drinking More Water – 5 Somewhat Surprising Reasons

If you’re not enthusiastic about drinking water, you owe it to yourself to read this. In this article you’ll discover 5 big reasons good hydration can transform your health.

Nutrition Vs Food – Are Food And Nutrition One In The Same?

The words ‘food’ and ‘nutrition’ are often inter-changed and used to mean the same thing. However, as processed food becomes increasingly more a part of our lives, the less we can consider the two words inter-changeable…

15 Facts and Figures About Your TV Habits You Shouldn’t Ignore

Children and adults spend too much time in front of the screen, whether it be the television screen, computer screen or smartphone. Find out the negative consequences on your health and how to change it.

Do You Eat Like A Health Coach?

The first thing you learn when you become a Health Coach is that everyone thinks that you eat ‘healthy’ 100% of the time. Guess what? Healthy eating doesn’t mean that you only eat carrot sticks and sip water all day long. It’s important to eat food that makes your body feel great, healthy, and prevent illness. Healthy eating also means giving yourself a break and allowing certain indulgences without feeling guilty. With just a few simple changes, you too can be eating like a health coach and loving your life.

Role and Responsibilities of Contract Manufacturers

Who says manufacturing of medicines always dig a hole in your pocket? Get them manufactured by contract manufacturers and enjoy peace of mind.

Book Review: The Virgin Diet by JJ Virgin

It seems that amongst the continual slog of new diet books coming on the market, more and more of them are touting programs that resemble the classic elimination diet. Given that I do not recommend elimination diets that aren’t tailored and unique to each person for many reasons, I thought I would review one of these new books to see if it proves a good guide for helping people change their diet and lose weight or is just another fad.

Protect Yourself From This Hidden Grilling Danger

If you love to grill, you may be exposing yourself to a hidden danger. Find out how to protect yourself in some delicious ways!

Eat Granola to Promote Healthy Nibbling

If you are looking for a real deal in granola, seek for the one that is nutritious yet low in calorie content. There are several granola manufacturers in the industry dedicated for manufacturing granola that is gluten free and contains natural sweeteners, heart healthy nuts, real fruit, grains or preservatives.

Get In The Healthy Habit of Eating Leftovers

First off, eating leftovers will save you money since you won’t have to go out and buy an unhealthy fast food meal at lunch time which most likely will not assist you in any weight loss efforts. More importantly, by packing leftovers to take with you to work, you will have total control over the portion size of the meal. Controlling the amount of food you eat at meals is of utmost importance when you’re focused on losing weight. Read more about how your leftovers can help you lose weight.

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