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Re-Think Sugary Drink

There is no longer any debate regarding the danger, yes danger, of sugary drinks or ‘soft drinks’ as they are commonly known in New Zealand. These drinks are anything but ‘soft’ if you take into account the very real damage being done with the consumption of sugary drinks at an all-time high. With the very real risk of obesity and diabetes two, there is, at last, the growing acknowledgement of the connection between the consumption of soft drinks and serious diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and some forms of cancer. There is an advertisement being run on Australian television at the moment showing a boy tearing open and eating sixteen packs of sugar, asking ‘would you eat sixteen packs of sugar?’ Well, patently, no we wouldn’t, so why would you drink a 600ml bottle of soft drink which actually contains sixteen packs of sugar? To be fair, most people would not know that there was so much sugar in a bottle or can of soft drink.

Top 10 Healthiest Vegetables to Plant in Your Garden

While all vegetables certainly have their merit, some are considered to be heavier nutritional hitters than the rest. This is a good place to start with your vegetable garden planning – knowing the nutritional assets of what you’re going to sow!

The Toxic Trouble With Eating Out in Restaurants

While dining out in restaurants my seem like a convenient and relaxing option, there’s a level of toxicity involved that we need to be aware of. Sometimes, we can make some simple upgrades to offset the toxicity. Other times, the best option is just to stay home and stay healthy!

Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Vitamins

When it comes to vitamins, the requirements of women slightly differ from those of men. Most bodies need a mix of about thirteen vital vitamins that are essential to maintain tissue health and a robust immune system.

Alcohol’s Role In Losing Weight

In a perfect world we as humans would be able to consume all that this world has to offer without having to worry about the consequences later. Unfortunately, the world we live in is imperfect. As maddening as that may be, there are still ways for indulging in some of those foods that we love to eat provided that we do not overindulge.

Ten Solid Reasons Why A Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan Is Better For You

Around fifty years ago nutritional and medical researchers discovered that many people who lived in Mediterranean countries, specifically Greece and parts of Italy, showed the rate of chronic diseases anywhere and that their life expectancies were among the world’s highest. These facts were directly attributed to the Mediterranean diet meal plan followed by the people of this region.

Shape Up Your Plate With Your Personal Dietary Style

One of the great things about food is the diversity and the options available. Folks can choose their favorite foods and their dietary preferences. People may make changes in their eating styles for a number of reasons-some may affect change to be consistent with the fad of the day, budget concerns, or to improve health. Research shows that most often dietary changes are made in the quest to improve health.

How I Became Vegan

My journey to veganism started with an interest in losing weight and being healthier and then as I learned more about nutrition, I was convinced that this is the best diet. After adopting a vegan diet, I started to become more aware and compassionate towards the animals that I previously consumed.

Juicing For Weight Loss And Good Health With These Easy Tips

If you’ve decided to commit to a healthy lifestyle, then juicing is one of the first steps to take. There are many real health benefits to making your own fruit and vegetable juices and consuming them fresh. Here are some great tips and advises that will help you get started.

Why You Should Swap Table Salt For Himalayan Salt

Salt is salt, right? Not quite! Salt that you normally see at the store and at restaurants is the kind of salt that doctors tell you to avoid if you’re watching your blood pressure and if you’re supposed to reduce your sodium intake. It is stripped of any nutrients and isn’t really doing much good for your health. Himilayan salt, on the other hand, has been around for centuries and has thousands of trace minerals in it that can actually LOWER your blood pressure and promote healing in the body. So what is Himilayan salt, what are the benefits, and where can you get it?

The Truth About Diets: What You Need To Know

When you’re on a restrictive diet and therefore eat less than your resting metabolic rate, i.e. less calories than your body needs to survive, your body will think you are starving and you will begin to kick in all kinds of starvation protection mechanisms.

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