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Incredible Facts About Mangosteen

Labeled as the “Queen of Fruits” in Asia, and “Fruit of the Gods” in the French Caribbean, Mangosteen is highly prized not only because of its exquisite flavor but most importantly due to its numerous unbelievable health benefits for humans. Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana), a native of Southeast Asian countries is not related to mangoes. The fruit which comes from evergreen mangosteen tree has an almost perfectly round shape with a size of just a little bit smaller than a tennis ball.

Eating Out – One Right Way

There are many rules for eating out. Some are easy, some are hard. Here are a few tips that will make eating out easy.

Cellucor C4 Extreme Preworkout Supplement Review

Not long ago i bought a tub of cellucor C4 preworkout supplement and after using it for a couple of weeks I want to present my thoughts on the product in this supplement review. To begin with I would like to share some basic info about the supplement.

Are There Gymnema Sylvestre Side Effects?

Consuming too much sweets leads to obesity. It is possible to deal with obesity by eating right and exercising regularly. Also, Gymnema sylvestre may be used to manage yearning for glucose.

ViSalus Ingredients of Nutritional Vi-Shape Shake Mix

The products of ViSalus provide amazing health benefits ranging from weight loss, building lean muscle, balancing nutrition and improving overall fitness through their nutritional ViSalus ingredients. The core product is their nutritional Vi-Shape Shake Mix which is packed with nutrients, designed to help balance blood sugar and help keep you full and satisfied.

Gluten-Free Foods

There is one tip that has helped me to fully comprehend gluten-free foods. If the food is in its original natural state, then I will always know what is in it. This way, I do not have to look on the back of the container to find the “Gluten-free” title following a lengthy list of ingredients. When purchasing food, chicken is chicken and broccoli is broccoli. That knowledge simplifies my shopping experience.

New Year, New You Vegan

About half of all American adults (48%, according to a Marist poll taken in December 2010) say they are at least somewhat likely to make a new year’s resolution in a given year. Their top new years resolutions – to lose weight (19%), quit smoking (12%) and exercise more (10%). Sound familiar?

The Hardest Part About Becoming a Vegan

Sure, it’s not the easiest thing in the world to forgo a fluffy omelet on a Sunday morning, avoid that cheese platter at a party or your say no to your favorite ice cream flavor. But to be honest, for most vegans, the hardest part about being a vegan is convincing people that we’re not all suffering, vitamin deficient and deprived.

Afraid of Soy?

Perhaps you’ve heard that its health food that should be consumed regularly, even supplemented. Or maybe you’ve heard others say it’s dangerous and should be limited. Soy products are remarkably versatile, with many manufacturers finding ways to turn them into soymilk, veggie burgers, hot dogs, ice cream, yogurt – you name it!

Coconut Oil Can Help Heal Alzheimer’s Disease

Coconut Oil has had poor press over the years. This was mainly due to a campaign planned to promote the benefits of Soya, and like in so many publicity related conflicts the facts gave way to fictional commercial interests. Now, a Florida physician has written a book demonstrating the benefits of coconut oil. Hopefully, this will dispel many of the half- truths that have surrounded this oil for far too long!

Foods That Kill – 10 Deadly Things You May Eat For Dinner You Can Die From

What you need to know about the foods that can kill you if they are not treated properly before you eat them. Every day foods you are likely to cook for dinner that have the potential to cause severe health problems or death.

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