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How Many Calories in Pineapple?

  There are 74 calories in pineapple per cup (155 grams). Pineapples are an excellent alternative to a sugary dessert due to its sweet taste. You can eat in pineapples in many different ways: fresh, frozen, in heavy or light syrup, crushed, chunks, wedges, spears or slices.

Consider Switching To A Vegetarian Lifestyle

In our society, it’s just so easy to go to a fast food restaurant and pick up a burger, fries and shake, or fried chicken and call that a good meal. But is it? Are we sacrificing our health for convenience? Is there a better way to eat that may possibly help prolong our lives? There is, and it can be found by switching to a vegetarian lifestyle.

Oranges Are NOT the Best Source of Vitamin C

There’s definitely no shortage of Vitamin C foods in this world. When you think of Vitamin C foods the first thing that pops in your heads is probably oranges or orange juice.

Healthy Eating: 4 Key Benefits of Good Nutrition

Good nutrition is essential for your overall health. If you want to have a long life and stay healthy, then you need to eat the right foods. A balanced diet will increase your body’s ability to recover, boost your energy and strength, and help you stay in shape.

Great Ideas To Creating a Healthy Grocery List

So you’ve finally decided your family needs a change in their lifestyle or you’ve run out of “healthy ideas” to keep your family in top shape and just need a few tips on what to buy and what not to buy. Perhaps you have moved out of your parents’ house and cooking your own meals, and getting your own groceries is on high priority on your to-do list. Below is a list of food that should be on every healthy grocery list.

Keep The Brain Healthy

We want to remember stuff. And we can, if we eat right and treat our brains well. Here are 5 quick tips to keeping your brain healthy!

How To Know If You’re Vitamin E Deficient

The symptoms of Vitamin E deficiency are rather interesting. What I mean is you won’t get something like scurvy (caused by not enough Vitamin C) or beriberi (caused by not enough Vitamin B). These are somewhat dramatic and very noticeable deficiency symptoms.

Foods High in Vitamin E – Why Supplementing With Vitamin E Is Better

Let’s talk about the foods high in Vitamin E. We’ll go over the best Vitamin E foods and the best ways to getting Vitamin E (hint: it’s not from food sources alone).

Does Your Drinking Water Have Persistence?

Once your drinking water is treated to remove chlorine, it no longer has the ability to kill bacteria or any other microbe that may fall into the water. Persistence is the ability of the water to continue to purify and eliminate unhealthy organisms from your drinking water. Can your Home Filter System do this?

A Hidden Diet Killer

When it comes to picking a plan for eating to lose weight there are a lot of fine details that need to be ironed out no matter which plan you choose. The basic premise of any plan for eating to lose weight is to create a calorie deficit, or intake less calories than you are burning in a given day. The best plans are the ones that have a lot of those details figured out while not making difficult for you to try and count those calories.

The Paleo Caveman Diet – Is It Theory or Scientific Fact?

Over time, scientists theorized that the paleo diet consisted of mostly meat, wild plants, grasses, roots and berries. By analyzing soil samples from the habitats of the Paleo Caveman researchers were able to identify the discarded animal bones and plant pollen.

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