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The Top 4 Vitamins and Minerals For Strong Bones

Maintaining healthy bones is not just about getting enough calcium. Taking calcium alone is not effective and may even be harmful. Find out what are the four most important bone nutrients and how to obtain them

Ladies, You Can Eat Pizza and Still Lose Weight

It’s well established that in order to lose body fat and/or body weight, you need to bring your daily calorie intake below your maintenance level for a certain time period. At first you lose weight, then your progress slows and then you hit a plateau where you seemingly can’t lose any more weight. If you reduce your calorie intake even further, now you start to lose muscle in addition to losing fat due to your insufficient calorie intake. Again, that’s not good because this will lower your metabolic rate, making it even harder to lose fat. Also, when you restrict your calorie intake for a period of time, your body starts to think that you’re starving and reacts by lowering your metabolic rate and increasing your appetite.

The Health Benefits of the Humble Tomato

This article provides lots of reasons why we should all make tomatoes one of our favourite foods. The health benefits are quite astonishing!

10 Easy Steps To Healthy Eating On A Tight Schedule

You know you will be more effective with all of your daily tasks and responsibilities if you take good care of yourself, but it can be challenging to fit healthy eating into a busy lifestyle. This article provides tips and tools that you can put into practice right away to eat well and maintain your energy, even when you feel like you just can’t fit one more thing into your day!

Crossfit Nutrition – The Paleo Diet Controversy

The Paleo Diet is a pretty big deal. You’ve got people writing books about it, people hawking DVD’s, even big name celebs are coming out of the woodwork to swear by this way of eating. The problem is, whenever anything gets this much attention, controversy follows.

The Benefits of Whey

Whether you are a professional bodybuilder or you just want to add a few pounds of muscle and lose some fat the answer is whey protein. The very popular easy to take protein source, very convenient when away from the kitchen, usually taken as a drink that can provide a good 20g to 30g of first class protein, equivalent to a 4-6 oz chicken breast. There are many different advantages of taking a whey protein if you are doing any kind of weight training.

Foods to Make Kids Grow Taller?

Although genetic factors play some role in determining your child’s height, healthy eating may make your child grow taller. What are the healthy foods for kids? This is a question that is frequently asked by parents all over the world.

How to Stay Healthy in the Spring With Chinese Medicine Wisdom

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) holds the view that we humans are influenced by the environment and that each season effects the body differently. Spring is the season of the Liver and Gallbladder energy. By recognizing the natural forces at work in the spring season we can make small adjustments to live more healthy and thrive during the season of growth.

5 Top Tips for Kids’ Nutrition and Healthy Eating

Unhealthy diets have been related to many problems for children ranging from stunted growth to learning and behavioural problems at school. A child’s diet also sets them up for life as an adult, often with any problems caused by a bad childhood diet, only becoming evident when they grow older. If you follow these 5 steps you will be helping to give your kid the best possible start in life. This is particularly important because it is not just their childhood that will be effected by what they eat when they are young.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids, The Essential Fat For Your Health

Not all fats are bad for your health, in fact some fats are absolutely essential to your health and well-being. Omega 3 essential fatty acids are one of those fats that are beneficial to your health. This article tells you why you need and how to get enough of it into your diet.

Symptoms And Testing of IBS With Constipation-Receive The Right Treatment

IBS is the most gastrointestinal complaint that affects most people. If you are having frequent stomach aches, pains, diarrhea, bloating or constipation, it is important that you consult a nutrition therapist to carrying out the required tests.

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